Thursday, March 29, 2012

An Update

I'm pleased to be back curating this blog for Roscoe; my work was abruptly interrupted several months ago when I was accepted for a tenure-track position at City College of Outer Hartford (South Dakota, not Connecticut). However, some early suspicions of mine were confirmed last week when I discovered that the tenure track I was on actually led to a permanent post as the Glee Club pianist and not a teaching position, per say.

The Student Union Building at CCOH

Now, make no mistake, the Outer Hartford Harmoniers occupy a place of great prominence not only in the city college, but also in the town of Hartford, and indeed, the surrounding farmland for hundreds of miles in every direction. Hundreds of empty, frozen, desolate miles. The administration was even prepared to convert a custodial closet into an office for me and Dr. Ardvigrunssen, the shape-note singing instructor. However, as tempting as this future was, I cannot abandon my long-held commitment to teaching a new generation of musicologists and guiding them on their path into this bright musical world we inhabit. So, with a heavy heart, I took up my previous residence New York City. My mother had even kept the sheets fresh while I was gone.

Of course the first thing I did when I got off the bus was come and visit Roscoe; I found him up on the roof of his building chasing butterflies with a pointed stick. Once I had him safely back in his apartment, he gladly accepted me back as his technological advisor. I'm still working towards amanuensis status.
Just like my hero, Robby C.

In the meantime, I will begin posting Roscoe's thoughts shortly; for his next entry I've requested that he provide some details of his decades-long friendship with that well-known composer, musical philosopher, and mycologist: John Cage.

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